Thursday, August 18, 2011


im so sorry to viewer because im not updated any stories time to time like other blogger. It was a busiest days that i have to gone throught it. Last month, something disaster happen to my family that my father admitted at Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim at Sungai Petani because of Stroke. At that time all my sibling that we are staying at KL rushing drove a car went to my hometown Sg Petani. Just past a weeks, im returning to my hometown to helps my mother made arrangement for discharged my father since he admited 17/7/2011. All family receives this fatal as fated from Allah and we prays and hoping my father condition will be recovered soon. I actually bought a large botol from Persada Walit M7 made from nest Skybird. I hope that all what we are did will make cheer up my father. Hope that 3 months from now u can walk again. To me , this is a adviced to people who have a symptoms, please check or take a madecine.Preventing before  late. 

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