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Masa wakarima tengok cerita Badul dalam Youtube terjumpa pula cerita pujaan kanak-kanak. Zaman aku dah habisla .bagi anak aku dua tahun tengok.Nasib baik pandai sebut Ultraman walaupun pelat dah macam mak salleh. Pelat-pelat la. lama -lama ok tu. Anak aku ni pun kenal Ultraman dekat rumah pengasuh .Yela ramai budak lelaki hantar kat situ. So mak bapak yang rasak nak beli movie ultraman tak payah habiskan duit. Aku bagi link special untuk tengok bersama anak -anak hahahh.... selamat menonton...

Jangan lula lepas tu ko orang past la link dia dekat youtube untuk tengok next story.... ok


 Everybody know about wong fei hung. A legendary fighter chinese martial art that we saw from movies. Who is wong fei hung,...

Wong Fei Hung was a cleric , Expert Perubatan , and experts whose names are legendary Martial designated as a National Hero of China by China's government . But China's government often blurs identity seeks
Wong Fei Hung as a Muslim in order to maintain the image of Communist rule in

Wong Fei - Hung was born in 1847 in the Kwantung ( Guandong ) family of devout Muslims . Name Fei Wong Fei Hung in a dialect
Canton to mention the name Arabs , Fais . While Hung 's name is also a dialect
Cantonese to refer to the Arabic name , Hussein . So , when in - arabic - language - right ,
Faisal Hussein's name is Wong.

His father , Wong Kay- Ying was a Clergy, and traditional healers penrubatan scientist , as well as martial arts expert
Traditional China ( wushu / kung fu ) . His father owned a clinic perubatan
named Po Chi Lam in Canton (the capital of Guandong ) . Wong Kay- Ying was a
scholars who master the science of high-level wushu . Wong altitude martial arts
Kay - Ying made him known as one of the Ten Tigers of Kwantung .
Tigers of Kwantung this position later passed on to Wong Fei Hung .

The combination of knowledge of traditional science and engineering perubatan martial and supported by the magnanimity as a Muslim character makes
Wong's family often intervened to help the people weak and oppressed in
period. That's why people have great respect and idolize Kwantung
Wong family .

Pesakit clinic Wong family who ask for help perubatan generally come from the poor who can not afford to pay boarding
perubatan . Even so , families still help each pesakit Wong who came
seriously . Wong's family did not discriminate in helping ,
regardless of race, ethnicity or religion, all assisted without favoritism. In
rahsia , Wong family are actively involved in the underground movement against
Ch'in Dynasty reign of rasuah and oppressors . Ch'in Dynasty is the dynasty
which destroy the power of Yuan Dynasty who ruled before. Yuan Dynasty
This is known as the only dynasty Chinese emperor family members
many who embraced Islam.

Wong Fei - Hung beginning to hone talent beladirinya since learning from Luk Ah- Choi who has also been a teacher
father. Luk Ah- Choi was later taught him the basics of Hung Gar stance
Fei Hung makes triumphant birth Kick Kick Without a Shadow
become lagenda . Basics of Hung Gar stance discovered, developed and
is the mainstay of Hung Hei- Kwun , brother seperguruan Luk Ah- Choi . Hung
Hei- Kwun is a Shaolin warrior who is independent of the combustion event
and massacres by government Ch'in Dynasty in 1734 .

Hung Hei- Kwun This is a historic uprising leader who nearly beat dynasty
Ch'in invaders who came from Manchuria (now we know him as
Korea) . If only the government did not ask for help Ch'in forces
armed foreign nations (Russia , England , Jepun ) , the rebellion led Hung
Hei- Kwun it would triumph expel the occupation nescaya Ch'in Dynasty .

After learning from Luk Ah- Choi , Wong Fei - Hung and then sit under until his own father in his early 20s years, he has become expert
perubatan and leading martial . he even developed it into triumph
more advanced . Ability beladirinya increasingly difficult match when he succeeded
create a new stance that is very tactical but efficiently so-called Kick- Claw
Tiger and Kick- Nine Special Punches . In addition to empty-handed , Wong
Fei - Hung is also adept at using various weapons . Canton community ever
directly witnessed with their own eyes how he was alone
by just holding the club triumphed killed more than 30 people champ
port burly and cruel at Canton that he karana mengeroyoknya
defend the poor people who will they squeeze .

In family life , God a lot of testing with various temptations . A child was killed in
an incident of a fight with the mafia Canton . Wong Fei - Hung married three times
because of his wives died within a short age . After the third wife
died , Wong Fei - Hung decided to live alone until then he
Mok Gwai Lan met , a young woman who happened to be an expert
martial . Mok Gwai Lan was later to become her life partner until the end
life. Mok Gwai Lan also teaches martial arts in a special class of women in
college of her husband.

In 1924 Wong Fei - Hung died at the age of 77 years . Chinese society , especially in Kwantung and Canton remember him as
heroic defender of the mustad'afin ( oppressed ) who never afraid to defend
their honor . Anyone and any number of people who oppress people
poor , will be resisted with all his strength and courage
Fei - Hung dimilikinya.Wong died by leaving a good name that
make it known as a noble human life , one life choices
given by God to die a Muslim other than Shahid . May all
charity received in worship with Allah Ta'ala and hopefully all the goodness into
an example to us , generation Muslims who live afterwards. Amiin .
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Tadi baru lepas tengok movie DVD KL GENGSTER. memang best. mula nak beli cerita ni macam berat je ...yela betul kan best cerita ni takut macam biasa je. Tapi bila tengok wow best je. Bukan apa tak ada langsung cinta cintun .Lawak je dari awal sampai habis dah macam Ong bak 1. Cerita dia memang ringkas dan padat. tak ada melilau lilau .Clear dan smooth. Aku bagi 5 bintang filem ni. Kalau nak sinopsis korang dah tau boleh cari dekat internet. Apa yang aku nampak dari filem ini ialah dari sudut babak pertarungan. .Aku suka sekali sebab lawan dia ala-ala akido, judo, kungfu dan taekwan siapa yang belum tengok lagi pergi la beli DVD. memang best. .. tak rugi tengok. Patutla orang cina dan india datang tengok ...sebab lawan dia macam cerita hongkong gengster, aku pun dah lupa siapa pelakon dia. ok cau dulu

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